Welcome to your peaceful life!

When energy is moving
You are aligned and in the flow
You are living your peaceful life

Energy needs to move
Energy needs the space to move
Sound creates the space for energy to flow…


Sound & vibration encourage a deep sense of peace and relaxation, encouraging your mind, body and soul to release all that no longer serves you, creating space to receive and create the life you are meant to live!

With Intuitive Sound Healing, I partner with you to create the optimal individual space for you to be calm, be still, set your intentions, release negativity and welcome all that you desire!

A personalized and deep healing experience is created when we work individually step into an Intuitive Sound Healing session.

Give yourself the gift of intuitive sound healing , and be soothed as the sounds & vibrations of the healing and crystal bowls, gongs and chimes wash over you, bathing you in waves of calm, rest and restoration.

I am Susan Vichick-Johnson, and sound is one of my Soul-languages!

Sound encourages me to deeply connected with and to understand my inner self and to the world around me. 

When sound flows through your mind and body, deep healing happens.

My favorite ways to harness the sounds & vibrations are in healing myself, creating healing spaces for others, or training others to use sound in their communities.

Listening to the Sounds of Your Soul


“Sound softens the tightness of the mind”

Kim Rosen

Your Soul is speaking to you and guiding you always.  It is not easy to hear to your Soul when there is no room for movement and creativity.

Sound softens the mind, creating space to rest and restore - inviting you to reconnect with your Soul.

Pathways to your Peaceful Life

Intuitive Sound Healing

Do you wish to clear energetic blocks and old patterns around relationships, work and health that interfere with your creativity and living your Soulful LIfe? Learn more here.

Sacred Sound Circles

Sound Circles invite you to rest & restore, release & reset while being bathed in healing sounds & vibrations. Learn more here.

Sound Therapy Training

You are ready to bring the healing power of sound to your community and immerse in Sound Therapy Training. Explore the training here.

Elements of Sound Training

Date: August 22 & 23 and 28 & 29, 2020

We'll reveal the world of sound therapy to you in sections, including getting to know your singing bowl, self-care rituals, the science, and much more!  You'll gain accessible relaxation tools that restore calm and balance into your body,  We'll guide you through practice sessions as you put your newly-found knowledge to use.

Born from powerful collaboration and friendship, Susan and Jessica Cross founded The Sound Academy to share knowledge with the Central Texas community.  And, now, we humbly offer you an opportunity to join us form anywhere for Elements of Sound on August 21 & 22, and 28 & 29, 2020.


Discover more about Elements of Sound training here.

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