I have been thinking about the mirror images of gratitude. This is known as the infinite circle of gratitude.

I remember witnessing a friend struggle with the receiving side of gratitude — allowing others to care for her. She lives in an intentional community, in which all resources are pooled to support the community. It was time for her to enter into a two-year training program, in which she would not earn a paycheck. She was struggling with not contributing in this way to her community.

My friend spoke with a community elder about how vulnerable she was feeling with this shift in her role in the community.

“There are varying ways to give and receive. When you receive, you give,” was the sage wisdom of this community elder.
Her wise response reminds me of the David Whyte quote, “Thanksgiving happens when our sense of presence meets all of our other presences.” When we are present with our vulnerability of receiving, we create space for others to connect with their compassion of giving.

One of the many things I love about offering Sacred Sound Circles is sharing in the presence of others. Sacred Sound Circles harness the energy of the infinite circle of gratitude. The sounds & vibrations of the crystal and metal bowls are amplified when we are present to give compassion to others and receive compassion from the Circle.

Photo by Joshua Fuller

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