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Everyday Soul Collective is an online membership community of soul-seekers, who are tired of trudging through life being led by the outside demands of the world. They desire a tuning into the guidance of their inner wisdom and to create a way of BE-ing on their journey.

What if everything you DO everyday was an opportunity to connect with your inner wisdom and guidance?

We are familiar with using to-do lists to manage our day. What if those to-do lists were actually pathways to BE-ing in the world?

How do you desire to BE in the world?

Everyday Soul Collective creates daily moments & practices to tune into your soul’s guidance. We create space for things that are aligned with your soul-way of being. Things that are not in alignment, weighing you down and distracting you from your truest way of being in the world begin to fall away...without effort. These gentle, devoted actions are guided by your heart & soul and the Universe

Here's what is waiting for you inside the Everyday Soul Collective membership

  • Divinely-inspired Guiding messages to support you-Each month, you receive a video with the Guiding messages and ways that the messages can support you daily.
  • Monthly Downloadable audio MP3 infused with the energy of the Guiding messages to connect you with the frequency & vibrations of your truest self. Metal and crystal bowls and chimes feature prominently in the Monthly Sound Recordings.
  • Monthly Everyday Soul PDF Guide to tune into your inner wisdom as a support for your practice in moving from DO-ing to BE-ing.
  • Private Facebook group-a sacred space to connect and meet others who desire a deeper connection with their divine way of BE-ing in the world.
  • Healing Sound Circle-your membership gives you access to the online monthly Healing Sound Circle, a 60 minute virtual Reiki-infused sound healing session.
  • Monthly Everyday Soul Collective Circle--a 60 minute virtual gathering of the collective to witness and honor, support and celebrate the ways we have shifted from Do-ing into BE-ing.
  • Deepening Perspectives and Practices- special guest experts offer their practices for connecting with inner wisdom, such as nature, art, and crystals, mediation and movement.

Everyday Soul Collective regisgtration

47.00 Monthly

Although each member will receive the same guiding messages & practices, each member experiences their own way of BE-ing on their journey!

"We have so much to offer one another. You may be disheartened or downtrodden, but that is no reason to hide. Signal a call, find your clan, and realize that we are all in this together. In a circle, we support each other. In a circle there is always room for one more. Give yourself the sacred gift of belonging. Be in community." ~ Mel Shapcott

Community & Connection matter to me!

I’m on this Soul-full journey that is about sharing
and building community of other seekers like YOU!

Sound is a companion on this journey, so I am sharing a free Sound recording download with you when you say YES! to the journey and sign up for the Sounds of Soul community newsletter!

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