Going in Grace

go in Peace go in Kindness go in Love go in Faith….go in Grace sam baker

When we are mindful, we are aware and accepting of our thoughts and feelings in the present moment.

The month of October brings the change in seasons, Halloween and the online Mindfulness Summit.

Each day of the Summit, Mrs. Mindfulness offers a perspective on mindfulness via her interview with a leader in the mindfulness arena. Mrs. Mindfulness concludes the day’s interview with the wonderful question:

“If mindfulness were to reach critical mass, what would that look like to you?”

When mindfulness is a part of the human experience, it looks a lot like this:

Compassionate community policing (feel free to exchange “Policing” with any activity!)

When we are practicing mindfulness, there is openness, curiosity, acceptance and flexibility in attention and responding.

The officers approached this traffic stop with awareness that this man was in deep suffering. Through this awareness, the officers are able to accept the man’s actions to be his best attempt to navigate the present situation. Their awareness and acceptance paved the way for the officers to go in grace…mindful of this man’s suffering and their opportunity to be of assistance!

Mindfulness is not about trying to get a particular experience, it’s about letting whatever experiences are arising unfold.

As we move through our day, may we be open to the opportunities to go on grace.


A deep bow to Mrs. Mindfulness Melli O’Brien as she goes in grace with her offering of the Mindfulness Summit…a free online 31 day summit..check it out Mindfulness Summit.