"Listen to the sound of the waves within you" — Rumi

Healing Sound Circles

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When we gather in Circle, we amplify the healing energy & intentions. When we gather in Circle, we connect through frequency vibrations.

The sacred sounds of the Himalayan and crystal bowls encourage you to drop into a meditative state

The velvet vibrations of these bowls encourage every cell of your body to shift for optimal healing

Healing Sound Circles are infused with Reiki healing energy and meld the sounds and vibrations of the Himalayan and crystal bowls, the gong, chimes and other healing instruments with mindful meditation

Healing Sound Circles gather on the 3rd Wednesday of each month


Everything and Everyone has a sound & vibration all its own

The Flow of Healing Sound Circles

The Flow of Healing Sound Circles

During our 60 minute Healing Sound Circle:

  • We will gather & ground
  • We will open the Circle and set intentions and invite the healing Reiki into the Circle, sending healing energy to all who have requested.
  • We will experience the deep restorative & healing sounds & vibrations of the crystal & Tibetan bowls, and Koshi chimes.

You will leave the Circle having returned to your natural rhythm of peace & joy and health and well-being-optimal for healing, mind, body and spirit.

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