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Remote Energy Sessions

Explore the Rhythm of a Remote Energy Session

Energy is everything and everything is energy. 

We do not need to be in the same physical space, or to have met, in order for me to tune into your energy during an energy session.

During a Remote Energy Session, you are comfortable in your space (home, office, studio, etc) and I am settled in my sound studio. 

At the scheduled time, I will text you--alerting you that I am tuning into your energy.  You will receive a text when the session is complete.  If time permits, I encourage you to settle-in about 10 minutes prior to the start time; and, remain in stillness for about 10 minutes after--allowing for integration.

During a Remote Energy session, I tune into your Energy Centers using intuition, Reiki and sound (metal healing bowls and crystal bowls) I will intuitively see and experience how your Energy Centers are in this moment –open and flowing, closed and blocked, or uncertain.  I will invite the energy to guide me to your Energy Triangle, spending time balancing this energy,  amplifying and deepening your energy. 

I play the healing bowls for a few moments.

I  invite any guides or ancestors to offer messages for your highest good.

Your Remote Energy session will close with one last tuning into your Energy Centers and a bow of gratitude to the Reiki energy and your guides.

Following the session, you will receive an email that contains your Energy Insights and Custom Sound recording, infused with your energy frequency.

Preparing for Your Remote Session & What to Expect

1. The night before or morning of, begin inquiring about your intention for the session.  You may simply ask, “What is my heart’s desire?” “Am I on my Soul-path?”  “What do I need to remember or know for my highest good?”

2.  About 10 minutes prior to session, begin to move into your comfortable, easy position—either seated on mediation cushion or chair, or lying down.

3. You may wish to set an alarm for about 50 minutes, 10 minutes settling-in, 20-30 energy session and 10 minutes integration in silence.

4. I will tune-in at the scheduled time and end 20-30 minutes later (this varies from session to session.  You will receive as much time as your energy desires each session)

5. You may experience physical sensations, changes in temperature, sounds, thoughts, emotions, memories or the feeling of being on a journey.  Each experience is unique to you and your energy in the moment.  I encourage to simply allow all of these experience to move along feely—energy is simply releasing and creating space for you to receive all that is in your highest good.

6. After, you may choose to journal or be in stillness.  Feel free to go about your day.  The vibrations may continue moving around and through you for the rest of the day and even up to 7 days.

7. You are encouraged to use the Custom Sound recording for the first 7 days (and anytime time after the 7 days) during mediation, preparing for your day or at amplify and encourage the flow of energy.


I invite you to come to your Sound Session with a non-judgemental mind — allowing your thoughts to come and go freely, without trying to understand or categorize.

I invite you to come to the session with an open and kind heart; whatever arises-love that!

I invite you to come to the Sound Session without expectations, allowing the session to unfolding organically for YOU, and being open to the gifts in the unfolding.

Feeling the desire to balance the flow of your energy?

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