Peace Patience & Perspective

Sound softens the tightness of the mind — Kim Rosen

A few weeks ago a friend asked me, “What are you doing to maintain some sense of peace during this landscape of uncertainty?”

I’ll be honest with you-I have been navigating through a lot of the feelings, starting with calm and moving straight to anxiety, taking a left turn at sadness & grief, maneuvering the hairpin turns of frustration & fear, and swinging back around to relative-to-this-moment calm.  I can move through all of these feelings in a day or an hour!

Some days I soften into the moment, and other days I feel the protective shield tighten around me!

I give myself permission to be patient with myself, my family, my community, and the collective.  I have never experienced this type of event before, it will take a breath or more to soften.  Compassion-for myself and those around me-feel like THE thing I can do in this moment.

With each breath,  perspective –just because things are shifting profoundly and quickly doesn’t mean that I am lost or alone.   With each breath, perspective -of who and what matters in this moment.

What am I doing to maintain some sense of peace?  I am giving myself permission to have all-the-feels without judgment.  I am relying on my daily peace-practices of sound & meditation to ground and center my mind, body, and spirit.

When I return to my daily practices, I “soften the tightness of the mind” and return to peace, patience & perspective (if only for this moment).

How are you discovering moments of peace and softening your mind in this landscape of uncertainty?


For a few moments, soften into the sounds and vibrations of the Tibetan bowls-inviting peace, patience and perspective to move through you