Infused Sound Recording


Sound is encoded with ancient technology that your heart understands even when your mind does not.

An Infused Sound Recording is customized for you and integrates ancient and modern technology to inspire your healing and spiritual nature.


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I tune into your energy, and intuitively choose and play the Tibetan healing bowls, crystal singing bowls, and other sound instruments that align with your energy. I am inspired to create a customized recording to support your unique energy, vibration, and frequency.  Your recording is available to download and listen to as you choose.

Before I record, I will contact you via email to request a full name and a photo of the sound recording recipient to establish my connection and focus.


Here’s what you receive:

  • a 15-minute audio MP3 download
  • Activation Guide,(PDF) with suggestions for activating and integrating your Infused Sound Recording into your day.

How to Use

How to maximize the benefit of a Custom Infused Sound Recording:

· compliments to your meditation practice, before or after.
· Listen as a transition between activity and sleep, to help prepare for a restful night’s sleep
· Listen when transitioning from one activity to the next. Home from a hectic day at school or work? Need to calm down following a difficult conversation or after completing a task that has left you feeling depleted or stressed?
· Tune into your innate wisdom regularly and enjoy the enhanced energy, vibration, and frequency benefits that nourish your mind, body, and emotional health.

Access to your custom sound recording is private and never duplicated.


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