Remote Reiki Session


Energy is everything and everything is energy.

Reiki is a natural healing practice that interplays with your life force and the life force of the Reiki Practitioner.  I’ll tune into your energy centers and channel energy to you for your highest good.  This powerful channeled energy session activates your natural healing response as energy flows easily throughout your body. Reiki is a natural energy technique used to restore physical and emotional well-being.

Reiki sessions are not bound by physical proximity.  Energy knows no limitations and travels easily.  Reiki can be done in person or by remote. It’s not necessary to be in the same physical space for me to tune into your energy and provide an energy session.



The Rhythm of Your Reiki session:

After I invite the Reiki energy, I tune into your energy centers—creating space for energy to open and flow.  The session is closed with gratitude and blessings.

You may choose to prepare for your session time, finding a comfortable and quiet setting, and an easy position; but it is not necessary.  You receive the same benefits whether you are relaxed or going about your day.

Your session is completed within 20-30 minutes.

Having chosen a day and time option for your Reiki session (during Check-out), I will text you as I am tuning in and tuning out of your session.

Prior to your Remote Reiki session, you will receive an email with the date and time of your session, and suggestions for before and after your session.

Care After Session

You may experience physical and emotional sensations before, during and after the session for up to 7 days. This is normal and varies by individual.

After the session, if time permits, you may wish to remain in silence and continue to experience the flow of energy.

You may also wish to journal any images, thoughts or experiences before, during and after your Remote Reiki session.

Reiki should not replace conventional, modern healthcare treatment. This energy session provides overall mind, body, and spirit enhancement.


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