"Listen to the sound of the waves within you" — Rumi

Sacred Sound Circles

Sounds & Vibrations amplify when we gather in community

The sacred sounds of the Himalayan and crystal bowls encourage you to drop into a meditative state through the practice of deep listening

The velvet vibrations of these bowls encourage every cell of your body to shift for exactly what you need in this moment.

Sacred Sound Circles combine the sounds and vibrations of the Himalayan and crystal bowls, the gong, chimes and other healing instruments with mindful meditation.

Sound Circles are gathering online at this time  

The Flow of Sacred Sound Circles

The Flow of Sacred Sound Circles

Bring your breath and your curious spirit

Find your comfortable, easy position

relax into the sounds

Invite the vibrations to wash over your and through you

Rest and Rejuvenate and Re-connect with your mind, body and spirit


Everything and Everyone has a sound & vibration all its own

Which Sacred Sound Circle speaks to you?

Restorative Sound Circles invite you to rest, restore and reset your mind, body and spirit.

Winter/Summer Solstice Circles invite you to pause and reflect on the previous months and create space to feel into the rest of the year

Full Moon Circles amplify the energy of the Full Moon, creating space to harness this energy and manifest your intentions

Create your Sound Circle!  Invite me to bring Sound Meditation to your group. Some of my favorite groups to bring sound to include:

  • writing groups
  • knitting groups
  • wedding parties
  • the workplace
  • birthday celebrations
  • vision board circles
  • meditation and yoga retreats

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