Shifting Energy

We’ve weathered a pandemic storm and here we are in a very different May than last year. The weather is warming up and nature is responding with a beautiful show here in the Northern Hemisphere. I am savoring this more hopeful May, wondering if others are also feeling a surge in gratitude? Did anyone else experience some gifts and graces as a result of the forced retreat time we all endured?

The Covid-19 pandemic provided the fertile ground needed for amplifying my skills, talents, and to my delight, a spacious opening for my intuition to flourish.

Looking back through my journals, I see threads of connections. I see a pattern emerging in my personal longing for a deeper connection that goes back to early 2019. My meditation practice and sound therapy work, while very satisfying, began to shift and expand. As I spent more time in quiet contemplation, settling my anxious nervous system down, space opened up for me in a really interesting way.

I had no frame of reference for this soulful experience. One message was clear…

It’s time to surrender old stories about soul connection and prepare for a shift in consciousness.

This message was repeated again and again. Eventually the theme of “wounds” would lead me to join a mentorship program focused on this topic. I spent several months connecting to and healing core wounds or “old stories.” When the program ended I found myself moving through my daily life with a deep knowing and connection to my soul feeling deeply connected to my soul.

As pandemic stress touched every corner of the planet, I felt more peaceful and soul connected than ever. My healing work prepared me for an opening to a more expansive way of being in the world.

Imagine a portal of sorts revealing itself. This is my experience. As my daily soul practice expanded and nourished me this past year, I experienced a truly satisfying and spacious time of deep listening and message downloads from a collective energy revealed to me as the Hathors has been my great blessing.

What? I know…it’s taken me a year to process and swim in these new energetic waters. The messages I receive are profound and I am called to share what I am receiving now because the Hathors insist that it’s time for the world to surrender old stories, to shift the energy of stuck wounds and grievances, because humanity is shifting and a more soul-connected way of living is the path forward.

Breathe Deep and Pause…

How I will communicate is shifting too. I’ll be sharing more downloads and insights from the Hathor guides through this new Sounds of Soul blog. Nothing is more important to me these days than sharing with my community.

I’ll share a guiding message received from the Hathor collective, along with a soul practice to encourage deep listening. Later in the month to deepen the practice, I will offer a refinement of the practice. I’ll be sharing some sound downloads and other gems along the way, and I’ll let you know about any upcoming events.

listening to soul practice (1)

A few years ago, after a Sound Bath Experience, a community member asked the question, “How do I nourish my soul if I don’t know my soul?” We begin by listening, not just with our ears but with our hearts. This is a quiet listening–a feeling almost. As the Hathors remind me often, remember and embody who you truly are. One way to remember is to be able to listen to your soul messages. Journaling has been a pathway to listening and remembering.

You’ll need a journal that you can dedicate to writing down your soul messages. This is a deep inquiry practice that invites you to suspend judgment or criticism of your time in conversation with your soul. This takes practice.

Create time daily to commune with your soul and journal whatever comes through for you, even 5 minutes a day shifts the energy!

Here are some journal prompts to help begin a soul conversation.

  1. What do I need to know right now?
  2. Help me make sense of my feelings about _____.
  3. Who do I need to forgive?

Trust this practice, my friends.

When seeking answers, soul responds by alerting you to something that needs to be known, acknowledged, and healed.

If you would like to share how this practice has worked for you, I’d very much enjoy hearing from you. Or if you just desire connection, I’d enjoy hearing from you. Email me!

From my soul to yours,