“To enter into the initiation of sound, vibration, and mindfulness, is to take a giant step toward consciously knowing your Soul” - Don G. Campbell

Sound Therapy Training

Sound therapy is a method of relaxation and meditation that utilize singing bowls, gongs, and other healing instruments to promote stress relief and healing. Sound vibrations impact our nervous system, engaging our relaxation reflex and inhibiting the stress and pain responses.

Sound therapy is not about performance, but rather using the instruments to move stagnant energy in our environment and bodies. The tones synchronize with our brain waves and allow the body to shift into the parasympathetic nervous system, also known as the 'rest and digest' system. This state-of-being creates harmony, conserves energy, slows the heart rate and calms the mind.

Sacred Sound Training in Austin Texas

Embody Your Home Sound Practice

Allow us to introduce you to the incredible power of sound and learn accessible relaxation tools that bring back calm and balance into your your home and body. 

Born from a powerful collaboration and friendship, Jessica Cross of Sound for Stress and Susan Vichick-Johnson, LCSW, of Sacred Sounds ATX, founded The Sound Academy to share knowledge with the Central Texas community. And now, we humbly offer you an opportunity to join us from anywhere  Your Home Sound Practice beginning June 7, 2021 

We’ll reveal the world of sound to you with rituals to invite peace & calm into your home, your family and your body.  You’ll gain accessible relaxation tools that restore calm and balance into your body. We’ll guide you through practice sessions as you put your newly-found knowledge to use.

The Elements of Sound on-line course includes:


4 weeks of group content and live practice sessions with Jessica, Susan & the community

Lifetime access to the recorded sessions with your instructors, group discussions, and practice in our online platform

A portion of your tuition will be donated to Open Path Psychotherapy Collective

Certificate of completion after successful completion of the course

8 hours of Yoga Alliance CEUs are available upon successful completion of the course for RYTs

Special pricing on a bowl for this course is available during registration

Doors are open for a short time only to allow us to prepare your bowls and goodies for our time together. Secure your spot now and prepare to transform your life with sound. 

Registration Packages:

Course Tuition only--229.00

Elements of Sound is an exclusive, hybrid-style training, integrating the best of gathering as a group online and independent course work.

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Common Questions

About The Sound Academy

Susan and JessicaWe are two women brought together by shared healing through sound therapy. Our experiences with sound have shaped our lives and we are drawn to share the practice with those who seek relief from the stressors of life. The Sound Academy was founded with the intention to serve and share sound with our communities and ultimately, hold space for others to bring sound into their lives.

Jessica Cross is an experienced Sound Therapist, Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider and yoga teacher serving the Austin, TX metro area. She uses sound to relieve stress and promote deep relaxation for her students and clients. She first experienced the healing tones of a singing bowl while in savasana and knew sound would be an important part of her personal journey. She later began incorporating sound in her yoga classes and became a certified sound therapist to share the ancient practice with others.

Susan Vichick-Johnson, LCSW-S, tries to move through the world in peace & joy. Her intention is to create spaces for healing, so that others may move through the world in Peace & Joy. She creates these spaces through integrating sound, meditation and if desired, psychotherapy. Although some types of meditation and mindfulness have been a part of her life since she was a teen, it was not until sound; specifically, the Tibetan bowls found her that she was awakened to the power of sound & vibration, combined with meditation, for healing.