Your Essence & Energy

essence & energy

Some days I really need this reminder! The other day I was flitting around, feeling uncertain and not sure what to DO about this feeling. As I was scrolling through emails.  This reminder lfrom my…

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Shifting Energy

its time

As I spent more time in quiet contemplation, settling my anxious nervous system down, space opened up for me in a really interesting way. My meditation practice and sound therapy work, while very satisfying, began to shift and expand.

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Peace Patience & Perspective

Peace Blog Photo

A few weeks ago a friend asked me, “What are you doing to maintain some sense of peace during this landscape of uncertainty?” I’ll be honest with you-I have been navigating through a lot of the feelings, starting with calm and moving straight to anxiety, taking a left turn at sadness & grief, maneuvering the hairpin turns of frustration & fear, and swinging back around to relative-to-this-moment calm.  I can move through all of these feelings in a day or an hour!

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