Your Vulnerability Is A Treasure


I am so happy to meet you here, leaning into the ways that vulnerability reveals your truest self.

As I have stepped out of my comfort zone to share Hathor guiding messages with my community, I have faced my own fears of vulnerability…I am an imposter!  who is really interested in this? The directive for humanity is clear, stop hiding who you really are. What unfolds naturally from shining your light is the enhanced vibrational frequency of embodying your truest self. 

Fear of being vulnerable is a distraction, a missed opportunity for expansion and being of service to humanity.  The more that I practice tuning into the frequency of vulnerability, I observe the low vibrations and slowing down, the  ways that I procrastinate and distract myself (suddenly that closet needs to be cleaned!). This is the place I used to stop, believing these were signs that I should not proceed.

Our world is calling us to be humbled and vulnerable at this time.  With vulnerability comes freedom.  When your truest self is witnessed and heard and experienced by even one person, there is freedom!  The more that I practice tuning into my vulnerability frequency, I experience my low-vibe & slowing down, procrastination and distraction as invitations from soul, ways of preparing myself to step fully into my truest self in this moment…the freedom to shine my light!

As the Hathors remind me often, tuning into the energy of the moment is one way your truest self  is revealed.  

This message from the Hathors has been particularly potent for me as I step out of my “safe space” and into my sacred space:

Vulnerability is reflection of wisdom

      with vulnerability comes peace–maybe after the fear and anxiety of showing your true self

     with vulnerability comes freedom–your truest self is seen and there is freedom in not hiding

     with vulnerability comes ease of moving through the world in a state of reality, in light without shadows that cover up this part in front of some people and that part around others others

     with vulnerability comes radiating your signature frequency into the world, not only seen but felt and shifting collective frequency

     with vulnerability comes old stores form this life, from ancestors and Ancient Ones…ready to be shed

Vulnerability begins with a deep breath, a long paus and a tuning into the frequency of your vulnerability

Following your soul’s guidance to show up as a more authentic and vulnerable individual takes practice and courage. Begin by noticing what’s happening within and around you.

May this guided sound meditation connect you with your vulnerability frequency, guiding you on your way.

Tuning into the Frequency of Vulnerability Guided Sound Meditation Video

This meditation is a deep inquiry practice that invites you to suspend judgment or criticism of your time in conversation with your soul. This takes practice.  You may like to have  your journal close by–to save your soul messages


From my soul to yours,