Tuning Into Your Frequency of Awareness


I continue to soak in the frequencies of the Summer Solstice and the Full Moon!  How about you?

Summer calls me to be more physical—taking longer walks, connecting outdoors with loved ones I have missed seeing during Covid-19 shelter at home orders. I’m grateful that restrictions are easing up a bit and I’m enjoying practicing being seen after so many months of withdrawal.

And it has been lovely seeing people and appreciating the blessing of their presence. I’m noticing how joyful it is to be seen in a way that reflects the love I am feeling for others, for how I am choosing to be present and engaged with my community.

With more opportunities to engage with others, I have also had more experiences of shifting energies throughout the day! We all have those days when we are humming through the day, feeling good and then we are not feeling as good.

Remember you control the energy your bring into any situation. You choose how you want to radiate your frequency to connect to another.

Its not unusual for my family to find me sitting quietly at my desk, one hand on heart, the other hand playing the Tibetan bowl–tuning into the frequency of the moment or the task at hand.

I shared a frequency practice in the last newsletter.  Here is a refresh video of that practice Tuning Into Your Frequency 

Find your comfy, easy place; follow your natural rhythm for a few breaths in and a few breaths out,  tune into the sounds and the frequency,  and allowing the energy to guide you back to your soul-self and the way you desire to be seen in the world.

This guiding message from the Hathors about being seen has taught me so much about shifting my personal vibrancy. The energy you bring into any situation is your signature frequency. Others will turn toward or away, depending on how your energy and frequency resonates with them. How they experience being seen. This energetic feedback loop provides the feedback you need to energetically recognize the experience of truly being seen based on the frequency shared.

Open to sharing how this practice is unfolding for you? Let’s start the conversation!  Email me!

From my soul to yours,